Gary Bartolome - Island Funding Group in Hilo, HawaiiAloha! I am Gary Bartolome, the Commercial Loan Officer of Island Funding Group. I started my banking career in Hawaii banks including First Hawaiian Bank, First Nationwide Bank, and First Interstate Bank. After these banking experiences, I worked as a: 1) Business Loan Officer a State Agency, 2) Vice President of Loans at a Credit Union, and 3) Residential Loan Specialist at United Mortgage and Island Community Lending. Then I decided to partner in business with another ex-banker from Southern California, Gary Young, to open Island Home Loans in 2003.

Our office has over 50 years of residential lending. We are proud to have a young and vibrant staff with us who truly works as a TEAM to support each other to service our customers in an excellent manner. We believe in servicing our customers the way we want to be serviced…..friendly, quickly, smartly……and especially, return all calls within hours, not days …..and, to make promises only what we will do. If we do not have all the answers for you, we will do research right away and get back to you in a timely fashion.

If you do have any questions, comments, or complaints, as Island Home Loans’ Manager, please call me +1-808-989-9123 or email me using the form below. I will be very receptive to get your feedback, positive (to stay the course and improve) or negative (perhaps to change and improve), and promptly to respond to you.

We do all types of real estate loans, but I specialize in Hard-Money Loans and Commercial Loans. Contact me and our staff for your real estate financing needs and information.

We welcome your inquiries, your questions, and feedback.

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