Year 2019 has started off with “bang”!

2019 Hard Money Loans - Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! Island Funding Group (IFG) inquiries since the beginning of this month are in excess of 2 million. Year 2019 has started off with “bang”! We expect another busy year as interest rates and market conditions continue to change. IFG is committed to providing quick responses to inquiries for private-hard money loans. Here are some of the types of lending we offer: ...
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Hard Money Loans – Stated Income Guidelines

Stated Income Guidelines for Hard Money Loans
Hard-money loans’ stated-income guidelines (for non-owner occupant/income-producing properties only) available at some of our lenders: STATED INCOME Term Loan Financing – 1, 2, & 4-year terms, for purchase/refinance/rehab/fix & flips Loan amounts from $100,000 to $7,000,000 Rates from 8.50% interest only monthly Max LTV 80% (Up to 100% CLTV with rehab...
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New Construction and Subdivision Land Loans

New Construction and Subdivision Land Loans
Island Funding Group continues to provide challenging financing alternative financing success recently: New construction Loan in Waikoloa Village - Borrower bought the lot and needed to finance the construction of a modified “spec” home with the intention of selling it when completed. IFG provided financing for the construction, fees and interest only payments. We will highlig...
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Agriculture Lending and Farm Loans

Agriculture Lending Farm Loans Hawaii
Island Funding Group, LLC has recently added an agricultural lender. They provide agriculture lending in all 50 states and have done numerous loans in Hawaii. In addition to our private money sources, we are very pleased to be able to offer another financing alternative. Some of the guidelines for this type of farm loan, agricultural lending and financing are: Minimum lo...
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FIX-N-FLIP – Using Hard Money or Private Lending

Fix n Flip Hard Money Loans
There is a lot of information on “fix-n-flip” real estate investing. Seminars, brochures, advertising and a variety of media touting the many ways this type of investing can lead to big profits, etc. So, how does it work? First, is the acquisition cost and amount of investment needed to “fix” the property. Secondly, what is the ACV (after completion value)? With these 2 pri...
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Opportunities for Realtors, Commercial, Private Money Brokers and Entrepreneurs in Our Emerging Cannabis Home Markets

Hawaii Cannabis Marijuana Growth Opportunities
There has been a lot of news recently about the expansion of cannabis in the U.S. Currently 8 states have legalized Cannabis plus Washington D.C.  More states, 29 so far have accepted the medical use of Cannabis by exercising their rights to create laws which allow Doctors to recommend and patients to use Cannabis. Hawaii has strong medical Cannabis laws for home growers inclu...
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Private Lending and Hard Money Loans – What You Need to Know

Private Lending Hard Money Loans
We have many inquiries for all kinds of financing. Some have a very different understanding of what Hard Money also known as Private Money Lending is and how it works. Here are some basics that can help you to better understand what this type of lending can and cannot do: Real estate equity secured – always. No other collateral is considered. Some lenders are willing to use...
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Big Island Commercial Loan Boom

Booming Big Island
The Big Island of Hawaii continues to grow with both residential and commercial loan projects.   It’s not rocket science when you look at population growth and all that goes with that.  Commercial loan projects are growing! Hawaii County value of commercial and industrial building permits from 2012 through 2016 show an average increase of 157% with 2016 at 226.4% of 2016! C...
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Financial and Real Estate Markets Are Getting Hotter

Financial and Real Estate Markets in Hawaii Are Getting Hotter
The New Year has started and already we are seeing the already “hot” financial and real estate market get hotter!  Many new projects are in the works, along with opportunities for growth in residential and commercial properties. Island Funding Group has added new private lenders to our list.  Some of the outstanding features of the programs offered are: Stated income – st...
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Residential and Commercial Properties Forecasts for the Coming Year

Residential Commercial Forecast 2018
Think Outside The Bank Residential and commercial properties continue to climb in values with the lack of inventory pushing the demand. When opportunities to purchase or refinance arise, conventional lending is not always available with the banks’ strict lending policies and guidelines in real estate loans. Institutional and hard-money or private lending becomes attractive. Th...
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