Creative Financing Approvals

Hard Money Loans
Island Funding Group has had some “creative” financing approvals recently. The following is a brief summary of the loan structuring and approvals. Four of the following loans were approved by investor/private lenders located in the mainland. We provide financing for all areas in the State of Hawaii including lava zones 1 and 2: Commercial property – Purchase of an existing...
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Using Leverage to Maximize Profits and Do More Deals

Using Leverage to Maximize Profits
People watching HGTV on any given night are more than likely to stumble across a house flipping show. People have become fascinated with watching these seasoned real estate investors take a run-down, distressed property and with a few dramatic unexpected twists and turns, turn it into an unrecognizable, beautiful home all while bringing home a nice sized profit. The question on...
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Press Release | Hilo, Hawaii | August 13th

Hilo, Hawaii, August 13th, 2016 A newly formed company has just opened in Hilo specializing in private and alternative financing of real estate investments for individuals, contractors, partnerships/corporations and trusts. This new mortgage lender is servicing the Big Island as well as Statewide Hawaii. With considerable lending experience, the Financing Specialists incl...
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Hard Money Loans Go High-End

These loans are shedding their negative reputation. Hard money loans, which got an unsavory reputation during the housing crisis, are being rehabbed for buyers of high-end fixer-uppers. A hard money loan differs from a mortgage in that the loan amount is based on the anticipated sales price of the home after improvement costs. Terms are short (typically just 12 months), inter...
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