Opportunities for Realtors, Commercial, Private Money Brokers and Entrepreneurs in Our Emerging Cannabis Home Markets

There has been a lot of news recently about the expansion of cannabis in the U.S. Currently 8 states have legalized Cannabis plus Washington D.C.  More states, 29 so far have accepted the medical use of Cannabis by exercising their rights to create laws which allow Doctors to recommend and patients to use Cannabis.

Hawaii has strong medical Cannabis laws for home growers including an ability to grow up to fifty plants based on current licensing models. Markets are expanding quickly as a result of comments from Federal legislators and the President.

The cultivation of cannabis and the production processes necessary to ready the end product for medical and/or recreational use is creating opportunities for realtors, commercial, private money brokers and entrepreneurs.

According the numbers, the cannabis market was $6.7 billion in 2016 and is expected to continue the rapid growth through the next 10 years. This presents very real opportunities for many. Land sales for growing and harvest production; retail outlets for both medical and/or
recreational sales.

Conventional financing is and will continue to be lacking as well as private investors who don’t understand the rules and regulations or have the specialized knowledge required to meet the unique real estate financing needs. There are and will continue to be both short and long term opportunities for investors who see the potential of this industry and need financing to make it happen.

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